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YUNGA consists of creating interactive and educational activities catered to youth.

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The booklets are intended as a guide for teachers and youth leaders.

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These individuals are responsible for the development of programs and activities that are suitable for their group.


Formed in 2009, the Youth and United Nations Global Alliance (YUNGA) is a partnership between United Nations agencies, civil society organisations and other entities that work with children and young people. YUNGA is hosted by the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO), an agency which leads international efforts to defeat hunger and achieve food security. YUNGA acts as a gateway for children and youth from around the world to participate in the activities and initiatives of the United Nations. YUNGA aims to engage young people in key activities of environmental and social concern at both national and international levels. Currently YUNGA is present in 22 different countries around the world including Japan.

We aim to inspire the next generation of Japanese young people to be active agents of change by creating a community of like-minded young people interested in creating a better world.

Our purpose is to help young people understand global problems and the value their voices can have, establishing a platform for them to participate in dialogue about world issues as global citizens. We work to educate and empower youth through meaningful activities, open discussion and an immersive international environment.

YUNGA Badges

Challenge Badge
activities are both
educational – and fun!

Upon the successful completion of all the activities regarding a specific theme, the participant receives a badge certifying his/her accomplishment and becomes part of the YUNGA tribe.

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How can we grow food in a sustainable way?


The world needs a healthy environment as well as electricity. How can we have both?

Climate Change

Join the fight against climate change and for a food secure future!


Let’s make sure no more of the world’s glorious animals and plants disappear!

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Create your own YUNGA Tribe

If you want to help Japanese youth access a global platform focus on implementing SDGs in a fun and interactive way, setting up a YUNGA Tribe is just the thing for you!

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Collaborate with us and open your own YUNGA branch with support and guidance from the YUNGA Japan team.

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Educational Institutes

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Implement a YUNGA Challenge Badge series, YUNGA Japan will train and support the teachers to build the skills and knowledge educators need to incorporate YUNGA Challenge Badges in their educational programs.

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Follow us on social media and join us in our local activities and events as a volunteer or participant.

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Projects and initiatives

What we have been working on

YUNGA Launch / World Cleanup day 2019

Date: September 21, 2019

Location: Iwaya Beach, Awaji Island

YUNGA Japan was officially launched on the 21st September 2019. On this day, a community beach cleaning event was organized at Iwaya beach in Awaji Island to commemorate the 2019 World Clean Up Day (WCD) celebration. To make the event FUN, participants were divided into groups to pick up trash as a way of competition. About 500kg of trash (consisting of food wrappers, pet bottles, cans, see weeds, plastic bags and bottle caps) was collected. The winning team collected 7 trash bags and were given medals. Prior to this event, YUNGA Japan team constructed an eco-boat made from disposed pet bottles. This technique popularly originated from a social and environment advocate Mr. Madiba Ismael from Cameroon. The technique was learnt in order to demonstrate the possibility of replicating a low-cost solution for social and environmental problems like plastic pollution. The boat was tested on the beach and the feedback was satisfactory from those that experienced it.

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Soil Camp 2019

Date: December 7, 2019

Location: Awaji Island

Every 5 seconds, the equivalent of one soccer field of soil is eroded. This alarming fact reaffirms the need to raise awareness through World Soil Day of this growing problem, as the Earth's population continues to expand. This event was to celebrate World Soil Day and to commence YUNGA Soil challenge badge activities. The main objective of this event was to encourage children in Japan to take part in soil related activities and to raise awareness on the importance of soil and its uses. The children learnt practical instruction on the importance of soil such as soil profile and soil survey and why soil is required to be healthy for its bio-organisms to thrive in and its importance in human health.

Undokai World Cup 2019

Date: November 2-4, 2019

Location: Awaji Island

For the three-day event in the Undokai world cup, YUNGA Japan operated a booth to showcase and promote its activities amongst local people in Awaji. The booth focused on the Soil challenge and Ocean related activities which include planting, drawing, and ocean life storytelling. At the end of the 3 - day exhibition; 172 people visited and participated in the YUNGA booth activities. Each participant planted either a mint or a basil seed and they were permitted to take the pot home to nurture it until it reached maturity. An ingredient pamphlet was also handed out to them to be further used when the plant matured. Some of the kids also participated in the creature painting of nature and other creative activities that they deemed comfortable for them.

Soil Camp 2020

Date: February 2, 2020

Location: Awaji Island

The aim of the event was to engage participants with fun indoors and outdoors activities to strengthen their connection with nature and encourage them to express their creativity. The whole event was focused to help participants learn more about soil and how it is formed, the creatures that live in it, and just how important it is in our everyday lives. The Participants also discovered how they can play a role in protecting soils for future generations.

Awaji Kids Garden - Nutrition, Soil and Water 2020

Date: August 8-10, 2020

Location: Awaji Island

Awaji Kids Garden is a progressive day-care center which follows the Montessori philosophy. AKG offers children the chance to play in nature in all types of weather, cook food, create things out of nature like twigs, stones etc. and explore the surroundings. AKG’s vision and work philosophy aligns with YUNGA which is why YUNGA Japan collaborated with them to implement YUNGA Badge activities for the preschool level and developed a preschool curriculum which will provide a foundation knowledge about the key concepts of the topics found in YUNGA books through sensory based activities and have a concrete knowledge about the natural phenomenon. This early experience will create a strong foundation on children and spark their interest in SDGs. The participants will be able to acquire further knowledge and be more willing to take action in higher age group YUNGA activities in future. For the three-day event AKG developed their own material to cover the Soil, Water and Nutrition Challenge Badge focused on children younger than 5 years old. 55 children participated in the event successfully engaging with the topics and activities planned.

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University Interns - 2020

Dates: August 13, 15, 25-26, 2020

Location: Awaji Island

How do you promote a new foreign initiative in a local setting? This was the core question the YUNGA team posed to several groups of University interns during August. In this 3-hour workshop, the interns began by learning through storytelling the essence of SDGs and how everyone has something to contribute. The YUNGA team proceeded to explain the importance of SDG education for youth and the challenges of bringing an initiative like this to Japan. The participants then roleplayed as YUNGA members and brainstormed ideas to spread the initiative across the country. The ideas were plentiful and varied: from collaborating with youtubers to using image mapping to use a whole bridge as an advertisement piece.

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World Clean-up Day 2020

Date: September 19, 2020

Location: Iwaya beach, Awaji and Enoshima beach (Kanagawa Pref, Remote)

To commemorate the one-year anniversary of YUNGA Japan, we organized a beach cleanup on World Cleanup Day, the event was planned not only to collect trash but to also educate the participants and give them an eye-opening experience of plastic pollution. After seeing just how much ends up on our beaches, participants become aware of the impact our waste has on the environment, thus eliminating any “trash blindness.” More than 45 people including motivated volunteers from Kanagawa prefecture (online) joined our clean up drive. The event incorporated a mini lecture about Micro-plastic by Mr. Takeshi Kurokawa from an organization initiating beach cleaning in Naruto area called “MEER”, tribe face painting and Hula performance by the Hula team in Awaji. The day ended with a trash hunting competition and winner announcement. This year, the cleanup cataloged 40 bags of combustible and more than 25 bags of incombustible trash. Some common items we found

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“Mirai (Future)” we change with our small step. The ocean and plastic issues, Seminar

Date: October 7, 2020

Location: Online

In many countries including Japan, the PET bottles and bottles that we usually use were not processed in appropriate ways; as a matter of fact, some flows into the sea and becomes marine plastic waste. Due to this, increasing waste in the ocean has affected more and more marine pollution and the ecosystems. Environmental Committee in Pasona Group. Inc Japan has been working on various global environmental related activities, preserving nature in the region, and the 3R: Reduce (reduce), reuse (reuse), recycle (recycle) reuse. This time, together with the Pasona Group Environmental Committee, YUNGA Japan provided an online seminar, which was divided in two section, first one gave them background information about plastic and its effects, the other half of the session was to brainstorm and come up with an alternative ecofriendly product which they can replace with the plastic product they use in day to day life, and then pitching the idea to the other participants. After the seminar, all the participants were given three actions from the YUNGA Ocean Challenge Badge, all 30 participants have to choose one action and tag YUNGA Japan in social media once they complete the action.

Disaster Risk Reduction with Awaji High School

Date: October-November 2020

Location: Awaji Island

The aim of the event was to engage participants with fun indoors and outdoors activities to strengthen their connection with nature and encourage them to express their creativity. The whole event was focused to help participants learn more about soil and how it is formed, the creatures that live in it, and just how important it is in our everyday lives. The Participants also discovered how they can play a role in protecting soils for future generations.

Implementing YUNGA Challenge Badge in Nakahata Elementary school, in collaboration with Pasona Foster

Date: October 2020 to March 2021

Location: Tokyo

Nakahata Elementary school will be the first public school to implement YUNGA in the Tokyo area, it is situated in Shibuya, which is one of the populated urban areas in Japan. The program will be carried out as a club activity covering the YUNGA themes- Soil, Biodiversity, Water and Nutrition. The main objective of this program is to help students become environmentally conscious at a young age and enable participation to develop environment friendly skills, and responsible citizens who are willing to work, individually and collectively towards achieving high quality of life and environment.

Scout Association of Japan (SAJ) National Scout Forum: workshop by YUNGA Japan

Date: November 22, 2020

Time: 11:00-16:00

Location: Online

- With the purpose of encouraging high school members to actively participate in decision makings, SAJ has been holding a National Scout Forum for more than 20 years. This year, they are holding their 23rd National Scout Forum online for the first time with the theme "Social contributions which we Youth can do". YUNGA Japan is collaborating with Scouts Association of Japan to conduct a four-hour workshop on how to address social issues based on design thinking.

YUNGA Coordinator Program

Date: January 2021

Location: Online

YUNGA will kick off a one-year program called `YUNGA COORDINATOR` program for the university students in Japan. The program will be one year long where the students will gain knowledge about SDGs and YUNGA themes and learn how to create their own project to solve the sustainability issue either in their community or university.

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